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There had been so much focus on the Prime Minister bringing more women into the government that it was inevitable the papers would focus in on Esther McVey. OK perhaps she did milk the photographers’ attention, lingering a little too long on the No 10 doorstep, but the MP for Wirral West is very different [read more…]

    The year ends with the Chancellor smirking and Ed Balls going red in the face.   The Tory baiting of Ed Balls during the Autumn Statement debate brought parliament to a new low, but Balls had wound them up for years with his flat lining gestures. They are now redundant. 2013 saw the [read more…]

It’s true! I have had lunch with both the current and former Prime Ministers since I last wrote. I was in the company of many other political journalists, but there’s nothing like seeing these top statesmen in the flesh, studying their mannerisms and demeanour, in order to form a view of where we are heading [read more…]

      What a start to the Tory conference! A £40 million bill for the taxpayer over the bungled West Coast rail franchise process.   The government’s reputation was badly damaged by the budget u turns on things like the pasty tax. Now having asserted that the rail franchise process had been properly carried [read more…]

  A SWING TO THE RIGHT.   How long will the Lib Dem grass roots allow Nick Clegg to stay in a coalition where right wing Tory backbenchers call all the shots? David Cameron has had to placate them this week and his Lib Dem partners just look on in dismay.   I don’t think [read more…]

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During 40 years of broadcasting on the colourful political battlefield that is the North West, I've covered some great stories. From the Militants in Liverpool and Roy Jenkins' bid to become a Warrington MP, to Martin Bell's toppling of Neil Hamilton in Tatton and the election court that expelled Phil Woolas in Oldham.

There’s more to come for sure. On Hancock's Half Page I’ll share my insights about the next set of people making history, and affecting your life in the process.

I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think. The robust opinions of people from Kendal to Crewe, Wallasey to Whaley Bridge are most welcome. Just leave a reply at the bottom of any article.

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