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  THE RESHUFFLE. I would have backed Preston North MP and Security Minister Ben Wallace to be the new Defence Secretary. He was in impressive form at a terrorism seminar I attended during the Tory Party conference in Manchester. He probably lost out to Gavin Williamson because he was a staunch supporter of Boris Johnson [read more…]

FLAGS. Emily Thornbury has increased the impression that Labour is tightly run by a middle class bunch from North London out of touch with working people and immune to advice from all but a tight circle of inexperienced advisers.  She had to go. That said, the now almost non existent British National Party, is a [read more…]

CAN LOCAL PAPERS SURVIVE ALONGSIDE THE BBC?   Some years ago regional papers managed to block the BBC improving their local websites with more news and video content. They claimed their circulation figures were being hit by the publicly funded broadcaster and this would be made worse if the BBC was allowed to upgrade its [read more…]

The decision to close the Liverpool Post is the latest milestone on a road that could leave us with no printed newspapers at all.   In embarking on this subject I have to be careful not to wallow in too much nostalgia about nestling in the armchair with the rustle of the paper and ink [read more…]

I have taken part in two radio debates this week with two Conservative MPs. The intention of BBC Radio Five Live and BBC Radio London was that I should have a lively debate over a possible media ban on “hate preachers”.   I was asked to appear partly because I was a Lobby Correspondent during [read more…]

Hancock's Half Page

During 40 years of broadcasting on the colourful political battlefield that is the North West, I've covered some great stories. From the Militants in Liverpool and Roy Jenkins' bid to become a Warrington MP, to Martin Bell's toppling of Neil Hamilton in Tatton and the election court that expelled Phil Woolas in Oldham.

There’s more to come for sure. On Hancock's Half Page I’ll share my insights about the next set of people making history, and affecting your life in the process.

I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think. The robust opinions of people from Kendal to Crewe, Wallasey to Whaley Bridge are most welcome. Just leave a reply at the bottom of any article.

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