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  THE EXIT FEE. Extreme Brexiteers may rail against the figures, but the fact is we are going to pay a heavy price if we exit the European Union. That is the most important message from the Autumn Statement Some of us hope public opinion will change and we can yet halt this madness. But [read more…]

  Turbulent times require grey politicians and we have two at the top of government. Theresa May has turned off the daily flow of government initiatives to keep the press happy. A good thing too, the constant announcements from the Blair, Brown and Cameron regimes rarely amounted to much and were initiated in the vain [read more…]

  The road to the Northern Powerhouse is proving more rocky than originally anticipated. Rows about elected mayors, the boundaries of Combined Authority areas and the complete lack of democracy in setting it all up means the North presents a patchwork of progress and delay ahead of the crucial Autumn Statement. It looks as if [read more…]

      AUTUMN STATEMENT.   George Osborne may well have done enough to ensure the Conservatives are the largest party after next May’s General Election.   The underlying perception that the government has stabilised the economy has been around for a while and probably would have been enough to secure electoral success. This week’s [read more…]

    SCOTLAND AND THE NORTH.   Now we see more clearly what we are going to have to contend with as we try and bring power to the North.   We knew about Boris land in the South East and London with its power to drain the brightest talent southwards and its vastly disproportionate [read more…]