TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017

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  THE BUDGET AND BUSINESS RATES. The coverage of the row over the hike in business rates has shown once again that the media generally sees things from a London and south of England perspective. There are rumours that the Chancellor is going to take steps to soften the blow of this overdue review of [read more…]

  BREXIT DANGER. With death on the streets around the European Union Headquarters building and the Budget shambles at home, it has been a bad week for those of us wanting a remain vote in June’s EU referendum. The disgusting terrorist atrocities suggest Europe is falling apart under a wave of violence. The events in [read more…]

  PICK AND MIX You’ll look for an ideological thread in the Chancellor’s budget in vain. On the one hand he regards it as acceptable to cut disabled benefits whilst cutting Corporation Tax again. On the other hand the sugar tax is an intervention in the free market that met with the immediate approval of [read more…]

  PETROL TAX IS TEMPTING TARGET FOR OSBORNE. George Osborne is in danger of being caught in an ambush of his own making when he presents his budget next week. He needs to keep voters sweet ahead of the EU referendum but recently announced that the optimistic note he struck at the time of the [read more…]

    BUSINESS RATE REFORM. Over the next few years businesses across the North could be set to benefit from a major revolution in the way that councils are funded. By 2020 central funding of local government through the revenue support grant will be replaced entirely by business rates income. At the moment councils keep [read more…]