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CHESTER BIZ CLUB.BREXIT AND BEYOND.         On Sunday Len Deighton book SS GB comes to our TV screens. The premise is that we lost the war in 1940 and were occupied by the Nazis. But we weren’t. Most of Europe has experienced Nazi or Soviet occupation and in the post war years [read more…]

  TORY EURO TRAP FOR LABOUR Labour’s inexperienced leadership has been blind sided by the government over the terms of our leaving the EU. They have fallen for a reluctant promise from Theresa May to lay out her plans for the negotiations. Don’t hold your breath. The Tories didn’t want to do this. They deployed [read more…]

REVERSE THIS MADNESS Let’s ask the burning question for the North of England. People outside most of the large cities voted Leave in justified rage at being ignored. Would they vote Leave again after a week when billions of pounds have been written off our companies and banks? When investment decisions that could bring vital [read more…]

  CAMERON PREPARES TO SHOW HIS HAND There wasn’t a great deal of coverage in the papers about the European Parliament’s victory over mobile phone roaming charges. But then it was a good news story about a body they like to pour contempt on rather than treating it like the impressive democratic forum of 28 [read more…]

STAND ASIDE WHITEHALL. The Conservative and Labour parties are now broadly in agreement about what needs to be done about the North-South divide. I still think the Coalition was wrong to destroy the Regional Development Agencies and Labour needs to add a Council of the North to its plans to beef up the Local Enterprise [read more…]