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MILIBAND: POLLS AND SUN BLUNDER LAST STRAW? Labour MPs I’ve met in the last week had a real look of despair in their eyes over Ed Miliband’s massive blunder posing with a copy of the Sun. Now comes woeful ratings in the latest opinion polls. 49% of voters want him replaced. Their wish won’t come [read more…]

THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE UKIP Northern voters could begin the process of the UK leaving the European Union next Thursday. If that’s what you want, vote UKIP, send the Tories into a tailspin and expel the Liberal Democrat MEPs who have had the guts to stand up for the European ideal. Be in no doubt [read more…]

    You may think the verdict on who will represent Yorkshire and the North West in Europe will be decided on May 22nd next year when the European Parliamentary elections take place.   In fact 90% of the decision making is taking place now as the political parties in the two regions are deciding [read more…]

I’m not as bothered that the ancestors of some current peers are bastard sons of Charles the Second than that so many of them come from the South East of England. It’s a fact that the vast majority of the 826 members of the House of Lords are either from that corner of the country [read more…]