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  An agonised call for the elected mayors of Merseyside to stop their power battles and get on with promoting the city region was made at a Downtown event in the city this week. Many of the movers and shakers in the area were kind enough to give their time to look at the city’s [read more…]

It’s not often that the Queen drops in on a business conference in Burnley. But a visit from the Windsors was what delegates to the Small Firms’ Summit experienced this week. Debate on the burdens of red tape and lack of skilled workers was temporarily suspended as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met selected [read more…]

While Joe Anderson was sweeping all before him to become Liverpool’s first directly elected mayor, the people of Manchester narrowly voted no. 53% voted no and 47% yes but only a quarter of Mancunians voted following a low key campaign. The government had wanted “a Boris in every Town Hall” but it will be business [read more…]

MANCHESTER REFERENDUM A very senior contact within Manchester Town Hall told me this week that there would be a three to one vote against having an elected mayor in Thursday’s referendum. But is that right? With Liverpool set to elect Joe Anderson to this powerful post, will its big rival want to be left behind? [read more…]

MANCHESTER CENTRAL Could the drama of Bradford West be rerun in Manchester Central? Labour chooses its candidate next Monday to replace Tony Lloyd who is set to resign to stand for Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester. Manchester Central has some of the characteristics of the Yorkshire seat that saw George Galloway’s shock victory [read more…]