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Since the late seventies there have been forty different schemes to boost economic activity in the North to help close the gap with the booming South East. Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) are the latest initiative and their performance has come under the eagle eye of the National Audit Office (NAO). Their findings matter because by [read more…]

  PETROL TAX IS TEMPTING TARGET FOR OSBORNE. George Osborne is in danger of being caught in an ambush of his own making when he presents his budget next week. He needs to keep voters sweet ahead of the EU referendum but recently announced that the optimistic note he struck at the time of the [read more…]

REAL POWER OR A CONFUSING MESS?   This week the deadline passed for northern councils to submit their bids for devolved power. Will this herald the real start for a coherent, democratically run, Northern Powerhouse or a mishmash of devolved functions confusing to business and voters alike? Government policy faces two ways on this issue. [read more…]

    UP THE JUNCTION   The travelling public of the North deserve a proper say on what they want from their rail services.   This week we’ve had more announcements from on high about HS2, and backing for HS3 from Manchester to Leeds. Sir David Higgins, Chairman of High Speed Two Ltd is an [read more…]

CAN LOCAL PAPERS SURVIVE ALONGSIDE THE BBC?   Some years ago regional papers managed to block the BBC improving their local websites with more news and video content. They claimed their circulation figures were being hit by the publicly funded broadcaster and this would be made worse if the BBC was allowed to upgrade its [read more…]