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CHESTER BIZ CLUB.BREXIT AND BEYOND.         On Sunday Len Deighton book SS GB comes to our TV screens. The premise is that we lost the war in 1940 and were occupied by the Nazis. But we weren’t. Most of Europe has experienced Nazi or Soviet occupation and in the post war years [read more…]

  LET’S HEAR BOTH SIDES IN FRACKING DEBATE Later this month Lancashire County Council will finally decide whether exploration for onshore gas can go ahead at two sites in the county. We know what a group of protesters feel about the idea. They have attracted widespread media coverage for their opposition activities in Lancashire and [read more…]

THE QUEEN’S SPEECH. Although the last months of the old parliamentary session gave the impression that MPs had run out of things to do, the Queen’s Speech had plenty of content, particularly to help small businesses in the North. Not that parliament’s success should always be measured by the amount of legislation passed. The old [read more…]

  HUNTING RENNARD THE FOX.   Reynard The Fox was a mythical character in medieval Europe, always able to talk his way out of trouble. Whether Lib Dem peer Chris Rennard can do the same seems doubtful. The Master of Hounds, Nick Clegg, has set the dogs on him.   The reasons why the this [read more…]

    Last year in a Scottish local council ward a penguin got more votes than the Liberal Democrat candidate. Actually it was an independent dressed in a penguin suit, nevertheless across the country they lost 74 councillors in elections that mirrored their performance in recent polls across the north of England.   Whether the [read more…]