TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017

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    NOT ABOUT BREXIT. Brexit has overshadowed every other political activity in the last 12 months, but in three weeks time a series of important elections in the North will remind us there are other things to concentrate on apart from Europe. City Region mayors will be elected in the Liverpool City and Greater [read more…]

  MAY: THE BOARDROOM PUSSY CAT. One of the reasons for the huge gap that is opening up between the people and the elite across the western world, is bad behaviour by some big businesses. I always thought we should dismiss the Prime Minister’s initial mission statement about being a government for all as “what [read more…]

    END THE CENTRE LEFT SPLITS. It is a dark time for people who believe in centre left politics, and it could get a whole lot darker. Across Europe and America, the centre left is either out of political power or is under pressure from radical or authoritarian forces. The elderly crave for a [read more…]

REVERSE THIS MADNESS Let’s ask the burning question for the North of England. People outside most of the large cities voted Leave in justified rage at being ignored. Would they vote Leave again after a week when billions of pounds have been written off our companies and banks? When investment decisions that could bring vital [read more…]

    I’m not sure Labour can ever win another General Election, certainly under Corbyn and possibly anyone else. The industrial and trade union base went long ago. Their traditional working class support is flirting with UKIP or if they are old, voting Tory. Scotland has fallen to the SNP and if the Scots want [read more…]