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    THE UNMENTIONABLE TAX INCREASE. An aide to former Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted that the promise not to increase income tax, VAT or national insurance was made to fill a gap in a stream of policy announcements before the last General Election. Nevertheless increasing income tax has become an unmentionable subject even [read more…]

  OSBORNE ON MANOEUVRES. So the Conservatives arrive in Birmingham this weekend in a clear blue political sky. Their enemies are divided, they have a brand new leader and the UK is leaving the hated EU. But look a little closer and things aren’t quite so simple. George Osborne, the former Chancellor, is on manoeuvres. [read more…]

    LOYAL TILL I DIE. Perhaps fate has helped decide that Labour’s most dramatic conference in years should be held in Liverpool. The city will always be associated with the last time the party was under attack by Trotskyists with intimidation replacing reasoned debate at party meetings. Liverpool,as a city, has been transformed since [read more…]

  PROUD TO BE EU. Here’s one person who’s prepared to be joyfully enthusiastic about our remaining a member of the European Union. Somebody needs to get away from the grinding negativity of both sides in the referendum campaign and state boldly why they are proud that Britain is in the EU and would be [read more…]

  DON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN. Everybody thinks the E.U. referendum is going to be a close run thing. Why do they think that? Because the polls tell them so. These are the same polling organisations who got the General Election result wrong and arguably distorted the outcome as a consequence. Apparently on line and phone [read more…]