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      AUTUMN STATEMENT.   George Osborne may well have done enough to ensure the Conservatives are the largest party after next May’s General Election.   The underlying perception that the government has stabilised the economy has been around for a while and probably would have been enough to secure electoral success. This week’s [read more…]

    Readers of my blog will not be surprised by Labour’s desperately close shave in Heywood and Middleton. It was just as important a result as Clacton because of its implications for Labour across the North. As in Scotland Ed Miliband is not cutting through and it’s too late to remove him. Clacton gives [read more…]

  THE BACKGROUND Did you see Salmond and Darling shouting over each other in the recent debate on Scottish independence? Things are hotting up north of the border! The police are being called in to maintain order at meetings and to ensure there is no intimidation at the polling stations in a fortnight’s time.   [read more…]

THE QUEEN’S SPEECH. Although the last months of the old parliamentary session gave the impression that MPs had run out of things to do, the Queen’s Speech had plenty of content, particularly to help small businesses in the North. Not that parliament’s success should always be measured by the amount of legislation passed. The old [read more…]

  HUNTING RENNARD THE FOX.   Reynard The Fox was a mythical character in medieval Europe, always able to talk his way out of trouble. Whether Lib Dem peer Chris Rennard can do the same seems doubtful. The Master of Hounds, Nick Clegg, has set the dogs on him.   The reasons why the this [read more…]