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  FARRON’S BIG MISTAKE. As I mentioned last week the decision to go ahead with a third runway at Heathrow is better for the North than the Gatwick option. Not as good as using Birmingham and Manchester, but the choice that first faced Harold Wilson’s government in the 1960s has been made. But now we [read more…]

    BUSINESS RATE REFORM. Over the next few years businesses across the North could be set to benefit from a major revolution in the way that councils are funded. By 2020 central funding of local government through the revenue support grant will be replaced entirely by business rates income. At the moment councils keep [read more…]

    The Scottish independence vote and immigration into the UK were dominant themes in 2014, but for all the talk little has been resolved. The Scots voted no but the Scottish National Party could soon be holding the whip hand over a weak minority government at Westminster.   Then there’s the issue of our [read more…]

  DON’T RUSH IT There is a danger that an historic opportunity to reform our governance structures is going to be missed in the rush to settle the well named EVEL (English Votes for English Laws) issue.   We should take time, but not spin it out as some Labour Party politicians would wish.   [read more…]

E.U. TREATY TALKS While the Lib Dems implode after their disastrous election results, let us look forward to the implications for next year. I have thought for some time that the Tories would be the largest party after the General Election. Labour’s under performance in the North last week has strengthened my view. Therefore there [read more…]